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Large Cardboard Tubes Tailored for Every Need

Within our diverse selection of large cardboard tubes, our postal tubes stand out for their versatility in numerous applications.

These tubes can be tailored to your preferences through our bespoke options, allowing customisation of colour and paper thickness for impactful branding opportunities.

Our manufacturing process sets us apart, with the capability to produce tubes up to 12 meters in length, catering to specialised needs in sectors like construction and agriculture. Explore our range of large cardboard tubing, all with various designs, thicknesses, and weights, to suit your specific requirements.

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Diverse Solutions for Large Cardboard Tubes

Core winding boards serve as essential components in the construction of our large cardboard tubes, providing structural support and stability.

At our facility, we offer a diverse range of grades to meet a spectrum of requirements. Whether it is for industrial cardboard tubes, or craft tubes, we balance strength and flexibility to deliver optimal results promptly, regardless of your production schedule.

Our commitment to excellence extends to pricing, as we maintain competitive rates without compromising quality. Leveraging cutting-edge technology in our production processes ensures that we consistently deliver high-quality end products efficiently, all while ensuring affordability for our valued customers.

About Our Large Cardboard Tubes

What are large cardboard tubes for?

Large cardboard tubes, also known as postal tubes, are essential for shipping artwork, posters, or any items that can be tightly rolled into a cylinder shape.

This packaging solution not only helps save money and space but also ensures the safe transportation of your valuable items.

How durable are they?

Our tubes boast exceptional durability, carefully crafted to protect your precious paper products from damage during transit. Made from premium-quality Kraft paper, these tubes provide an additional layer of safeguarding, guaranteeing the safe arrival of your belongings.

Our mailing tubes are crafted from top-grade materials, ensuring unmatched durability compared to alternatives on the market.

What does kraft mean in paper?

Kraft paper denotes a robust paper or paperboard primarily utilised for packaging purposes. Manufactured through a process starting with chemical pulp production, Kraft paper offers strength and reliability.

This material can be derived from sustainable or non-renewable sources, providing versatility to suit various preferences and budget considerations.

Large Cardboard Tube Sizes

Eco-Friendly Tucked Ends Tubes

Introducing our eco-friendly tubes, now featuring a sleek and modern industrial design. Say goodbye to plastic caps with our convenient tuck ends, providing hassle-free closure every time.

We’re dedicated to producing eco-conscious large cardboard tubes, offering you a guilt-free and environmentally friendly solution for transporting your items. Each tube comes equipped with tabs on both ends for effortless delivery or packaging convenience.

Available in a variety of sizes, our product line ensures that you’ll find the perfect fit for your needs.

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Other Ways To Use Large Cardboard Tubes

1. Document Protection

Large cardboard tubes are invaluable for safeguarding documents during shipment. Whether it’s vital work papers or delicate artworks, our robust tubes offer dependable packaging for paper-based materials, ensuring they arrive free of creases.

2. Art Purposes

Larger cardboard tubes inspire creativity and find new life in arts and crafts projects. Their adaptable size and shape lend themselves well to customisation, making them ideal for various artistic and display purposes. With a range of sizes to choose from, our tubes provide endless opportunities for creative expression.

3. Secure Storage

In addition to their conventional uses, our tubes excel at securely storing valuables. From small jewellery pieces like watches and earrings, to protecting your savings, our tubes offer discreet and protective storage solutions for prized possessions.

For further exploration, delve into this comprehensive guide detailing the top 8 uses for these adaptable tubes.

Custom Large Cardboard Tubes

Whether you’re an individual customer or representing a large corporation, we’re here to guide you in finding the ideal cardboard mailing tubes from our extensive selection.

Our inventory features a diverse array of postal cardboard tubes in varying sizes, catering to businesses of all sizes and needs. Each tube is equipped with cardboard end caps for added protection during transit. Plus, there’s no minimum order requirement – whether you require one tube or multiple, we’ve got you covered.

Many of our clients opt for wholesale postal tubes, especially industrial tubes with high-volume demands. We offer customisable dimensions to suit specific product requirements, ensuring a tailored solution for your shipping needs.

For instance, our cardboard mailing tubes are available in sizes suitable for various paper dimensions, ranging from A0 to B0. Furthermore, our printed cardboard tubes can be customised and crafted according to your specifications.

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