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Large B1 Cardboard Tubes

Our B1 cardboard tubes are your answer to shipping your critical artwork, posters, plans and other items that need to arrive in pristine condition.  B1 mailing tubes are extremely durable, more so than many others offered across the industry due to the high-quality materials used in our manufacturing process. In addition, our B1 Cardboard Tubes are cost-effective due to you not having to purchase a certain quota. Instead, you can order as many or as few as required.

Our large B1 mailing tubes feature a length of 745mm, meaning they can accommodate wide prints safely within the tube.  This length allows for the plastic end caps to be inserted at both ends without damage to the contents inside, which is our main priority. Our cardboard tubes can also be manufactured to exacting specifications and customisation of the product for a wide range of bespoke options. It may be, for example, you or your business needs a cardboard tube with anti-roll end closures for added safety measures or bespoke tubes with a customised tube outer delivered in a short time frame.

Furthermore, there are no hidden charges and no middlemen. You are dealing directly with the manufacturer. Your order of B1 cardboard cardboard tubes can be shipped with the next working day delivery. The tracked deliveries allow you to see exactly where your order is at any moment in time while also informing you when your delivery has arrived safely and securely.

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    Heavy Duty B1 Mailing Tubes

    Quality is assured with our B1 mailing tubes because we create cardboard tubes to high standards and not to a price point like wholesale. Quality is our main goal, and this ensures that whatever rolled documents or artwork you send in your cardboard tube will arrive in excellent, pristine condition. You can also choose from four types of end caps, depending on if you require sturdier packaging or even an environmentally friendly option.

    Environmentally conscious

    We can assure even the most environmentally conscious business or businessperson that we do everything possible to help protect the environment. This includes the manufacturing process and also the raw materials that we choose to create our cardboard tubes.

    Our eco-friendly B1 cardboard tubes are made from 100% recycled cardboard, and the manufacturing process uses only water-based glues.

    We send any cardboard waste from the manufacturing process reprocessing for further cardboard products. Then, we re-pulp the cardboard waste, and after this, the cardboard reenters the supply chain. The plastic plugs can also be recycled, therefore making our process and products 100% environmentally friendly.

    When we create our B1 mailing tubes, we do not use any other raw materials, and the tube winding process itself also does not create any chemical waste.

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