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Buy cardboard concrete forms online for your next project. Our products are durable, lightweight and fantastic for a diverse range of products.

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Versatile Cardboard Concrete Forms

Our cardboard concrete pillar forms are the most eco-friendly and economical solution to form concrete into cylindrical columns for structural purposes such as light posts, commercial and residential building structures, entrances and many more construction projects. Cardboard concrete forms are also ideal for support roles in construction projects, creating footings underground for when ground heave is expected or to help reduce the amount of labour and costs. Contact Cardboard Tubes for a diverse selection of cardboard concrete forms where you can let us know your specific size requirements, and we’ll get straight to work.

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    Why Choose Us For Cardboard Concrete Pillar Forms?

    We have supplied cardboard concrete forms for many projects and companies across the globe, with our extremely quick manufacturing timescale and shipping/delivery, we are the ideal company choice when your cardboard concrete form needs are immediate.

    Additionally, we have no minimum or maximum order quantity, meaning we can supply for large construction projects but also for domestic requirements. So, if you’re looking to complete a project and need cardboard concrete pillar forms fast, contact the team.

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    Bespoke Cardboard Concrete Forms

    Cardboard Tubes have access to a multitude of machinery and equipment, allowing us the ability to create any sized cardboard concrete forms ranging from 34mm to 656mm internal diameter and a length of up to 13000mm, suitable for a variety of projects. Our stock cardboard concrete form sizes are manufactured to suit 200mm, 250mm and 300mm bore which are available for next day delivery.

    Lined And Unlined Cardboard Concrete Forms

    We supply lined cardboard concrete pillar forms with a slip coating, which (when being used as a piling tube) allows for movement around the pile, reducing the level of stress normally transferred. This coating also provides a smooth finish and appearance when being used as a concrete form. The mouth of our cardboard tubes has been manufactured to sustain its perfect cylindrical form, meaning our product will not require additional support and will not expand. Our unlined cardboard concrete forms are a less costly alternative to lined concrete forms which are fast and easy to erect and are extremely lightweight.

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