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Cardboard Postal Tubes

Durable A1 Cardboard Tubes

We supply the best a1 cardboard tubes that are both high quality, and durable. Because we know how easy packages can become easily damaged in transit, we manufacture our A1 cardboard tubes so that they are more durable than the industry standard. Our A1 cardboard tubes have a wide range of uses but are the best solution for A1 sheets of paper.

Our durable A1 mailing tubes deliver your A1-sized products (841 x 594 mm or 33.1 x 23.4 in) to the recipient in excellent condition, with no damage to the product due to our strong and sturdy materials used in the manufacturing process. At Cardboard Tubes, quality is our main goal. If you’re not looking fo A1 cardboard tubes, we also supply A0, A2 and A3 cardboard tubes.

Our extra strong tubes perfectly fit an A1-sized sheet rolled on its short edge with room for a plastic end cap at either end ensuring the contents are in immaculate condition when it arrives.

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    Customer Communication

    We talk to our customers directly, meaning any of your customisation needs are able to be met without the interference of a middle man and you will have a direct line to us.

    We are able to offer bespoke options to our cardboard tubes, such as adding anti-roll end closures to offer added security.

    Buying from the manufacturer also means you are paying a fair price and there are no hidden costs or additional extras, therefore, your purchase is cost-effective.

    Short Lead Times and Reliable Deliveries

    Our A1 poster tubes are able to have a short lead time if your packaging needs are urgent, we will send your products as soon as we can with a 3-5 day lead time.

    All of our stock items are available for next day delivery for short-notice items.

    Your order will be easy to track, so you are aware of where your order is at all times and when it will safely arrive at its destination.

    Helping the Environment With Our Cardboard Tubes

    Our manufacturing process is completely eco-friendly, any waste produced in the process is reused in further cardboard products. There is no chemical waste when creating our spiral wound cardboard tubes.

    Our A1 mailing tubes are also 100% recyclable, all materials used in their production is helping our company sustain its eco-friendly status.

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