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We provide a large variety of industrial cardboard cores, with a choice of standard or high-performance fibreboard for maximum crush resistance.

Another branch of our vast array of postal tubes, our industrial cardboard tubes are primarily used as cardboard cores for use as reel centres for materials such as paper, film, textiles and rubber. The large cardboard tubes are also used as recut centres, reprographic cores, tape and label cores and general-purpose cores and tubes. Our industrial tubes can also be customised to your liking if you look at our printed cardboard tubes options.

Our manufacturing range allows us to produce over-size heavy duty cardboard tubes of long lengths up to 12 metres for special applications. Some of these are used as construction tubes, but we can also produce cardboard cores with wall thicknesses suitable for lightweight applications through to 12-tonne reels of steel, where the tube has to work as the reel centre as well as protect the inner layers of steel when it is being handled.

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High quality cardboard cores

We can offer various grades of core winding board to improve the strength of the industrial tubes where required. The latest cutting machinery ensures flexible and efficient production to meet the growing demand for short lead times. All of our cardboard cores are competitively priced without surrendering the quality that the rewinding industry demands.

Here at Essex Tube windings, we have a vast range of industrial cardboard cores for recut centres, reprographic cores, tape and label cores and general-purpose cores and tubes.

 New Product: Eco-Friendly Tucked Ends Tubes

Our brand new products are in, and they’re as eco-friendly as they get. Our industrial tubes have got an upgrade! With the new tucked ends, the need for plastic caps is no more. We are committed to creating eco-friendly cardboard tubes, so you can sit back and relax, and get your large cardboard tubes with tucked ends instead. This way, you can deliver and package your products or content in a guilt-free, eco-friendly way. We have a range of different sizes for this new product, so have a look, see what suits you best, and go for it. There’s no harm in trying! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch today!

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