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We are the only manufacturer of reusable mortar tubes in the U.K. Each mortar tube is specially made and supplied ready assembled with solid wood bungs.

Each cardboard mortar tube is specially made and supplied ready assembled with solid wood bungs. We also supply a range of candle pots, mine pots and Catherine wheel spindles. For more information about our mortar tubes and what we offer, contact us today. You won’t find better cardboard mortar tubes anywhere else!

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High Quality Cardboard Mortar Tubes

When looking to launch a pyrotechnic or firework display, you need to purchase mortar tubes. These allow firework shells to be directed at a particular degree or angle to ensure that you put on an exciting, curated show with relative ease. These tubes are often available in a number of different sizes and materials, but there is absolutely no doubt that the most affordable and accessible material is cardboard. So if you are on the lookout for mortar tubes UK wide at a good price, here at Cardboard Tubes, our mortar tubes are here to help.

With that being said, the quality of mortar tubes can vary wildly depending on the quality of cardboard and the manufacturing process behind the construction of the mortar tubes. This is why our team at Essex Tube Windings only use the highest quality materials available when it comes to constructing our cardboard mortar tubes. Each of our cardboard tubes – whether for use as a firework mortar tube, a postal tube or a packaging tube – are made from 100% recycled fibreboard.

We are able to specifically craft cardboard mortar tubes to suit both smaller and larger firework shells thanks to a wide range of machines located at our factory. The tubes you can choose from range between 34mm up to 656mm in diameter, and there is no limit to the length. This will allow you to fit any fireworks you desire, and give you a fully customisable mortar to choose on.

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We Take Safety Very Seriously

The emphasis of our production for the firework industry has always been on quality and safety. Each tube to be used for pyrotechnics is specially made for this purpose. While the nature of the use of these tubes prevents us from guaranteeing their lifespan, an independent test proved that our tubes surpassed the firing performance anticipated BS 7114.

There is a perception that cardboard mortar tubes can be of a low-quality and become unusable after just one firework shell has been fired. However, we are the UK’s only manufacturer of mortar tubes that can be reused. In fact, an independent test proved that our tubes surpassed the performance levels that were anticipated.

We do not compromise on safety which is why all of our cardboard mortar tubes have been developed in conjunction with the British Standard for Fireworks (BS 7114). This means that our mortar tube range is compatible with category one (indoor), two (garden), three (display) and four (professional) firework shells.

All of Essex Tube Windings’ mortar tubes have been specially made for the purpose of fireworks and all come packaged with solid wood bungs. We are able to provide clients with any size of mortar tube, and our factory is ready to handle any size of order to suit your display. Simply use our enquiry form on this page and we will be in contact within 24 hours. Not sure how many mortar tubes you will require? We’re happy to help. You can either call us on 01375 851613 or email¬†¬†today.

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