Cardboard Tube End Caps

Cardboard Tube End Caps

We offer four different types of cardboard tube end caps for all your packaging needs. Our high-quality cardboard tube plug ends are designed and manufactured to fit perfectly into our cardboard tubes. All of our cardboard tubes come with their own plastic caps, but if you have lost the original, have an old cardboard tube that needs a plug end, or just like spares, we can supply as many as you require. In addition, we offer 20 different plug end sizes, allowing you to seal your cardboard tubes with just the right cap for your required size.

Plastic Cardboard Tube End Caps

The standard Plastic Plug End is our cheapest form of tube end. This offers the standard function of sealing a tube to keep the contents in place.

For heavier items or multiple posters in one tube, we recommend the One Plug Stapled Tube End. This option safeguards the plug from being forced out when in transit.

If the tube rolling in transit is a concern for the contents inside, we offer Anti-Roll Plug Ends. Using plastic plug ends but with the ends squared off means the cardboard tube is prevented from rolling. Without rolling, the tubes become much easier to organise. In addition, if delivered via conveyor sorting, the anti-roll plug ends allow the tubes to be sorted in a cheaper pricing category, potentially saving your business a lot of money over the short term and long term.

Cardboard And MDF Tube Ends

Our environmentally friendly Tucked Ends option is when the tube is manufactured to be slightly longer than required. The excess material is pinched together so that a partial closure is formed. These are suitable for carrying lightweight posters (heavier items would require the ends to be taped for added security). This option is 100% recyclable without the need for any plastic.

Finally, our fourth option is an MDF disk. Plastic plugs are only available up to 300 mm; therefore, for any requirements above this, we can create bespoke disks. These are mainly for when the tubes are being used as plinths.

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