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Durable A3 Cardboard Tubes

Buy A3 cardboard tubes online at Cardboard Tubes. We manufacture and supply A3 cardboard tubes, capable of withstanding any transit delivery. Our products are made from the highest quality of materials to ensure all items within are protected at all times. At Cardboard Tubes, our main priority is the condition of your products once they have reached their destination.

Our A3 poster tubes perfectly fit any of your A3-sized artwork or posters when the sheet is rolled on its shortest side. There is enough room for our white plastic plug at both ends, protecting the contents inside from any damage when in the shipping process or when being stored. Not only do we provide A3 cardboard tubes, but also A0, A1 and A2 too.

Our main priority is the condition of your products once they have reached their destination.

At 330mm, our cardboard tubes are the ideal size for any A3 documents or artwork rolled on their shortest side. In addition, our A3 cardboard tubes weigh a light 50g, keeping your shipping costs down.

Eco-Friendly Cardboard Tubes

We pride ourselves on being an environmentally friendly company; we create our cardboard tubes using eco-friendly water-based glue, fully recyclable plastic plug ends, and recyclable cardboard.

In addition, during our manufacturing process, we produce no chemical waste; therefore, the tube winding process for the spiral wound cardboard tubes is 100% environmentally friendly.

Any wastage of cardboard is repulped and reused again in the cardboard supply chain, ensuring we are as eco-friendly as we possibly can be.

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    Customisation and Competitive Prices

    We offer many different bespoke options on our A3 poster tubes, meaning any alterations you may require, such as additional extras, custom measurements, or coloured tube outers, are available at a 3-5 day lead time.

    If your packaging needs are urgent, we offer next day delivery on our stock cardboard tubes.

    When purchasing from us, the customer cuts out the middle man and deals directly with the manufacturer; this is reflected in our competitive prices.

    In addition, this also allows the customer to have a direct line to us for any questions or queries about our cardboard poster tubes.

    We strive to be clear and concise with our pricing structure, with no hidden fees or additional extras added during the checkout process for our mailing tubes; we are upfront about the cost from the very beginning.

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