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At Cardboard Tubes, we have a range of different products and services on offer, and sometimes, its hard to keep count; so, we have collected them here, all in one place. Many pages speak on the same products and services, but if you are specifically looking for your exact postal tube need, then this page is just right for you. If you have any additional questions, then please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our postal tubes are some of the best around, and all of our cardboard tubes are made from 100% recycled cardboard too! We want you to get the product you deserve, and that’s why, at Cardboard Tubes, we try our hardest to provide just that.



Our Cardboard Tube Pages:

Our postal tube catalogues most popular pages are below. From bespoke, custom tubes, to mailing tubes and more. As mentioned, many pages cover the same products, but if you are interested or wish to enquire for exactly what you’re looking for, then this is the page to begin.

Additional Cardboard Tube Pages:

Our postal tube catalogues other pages are below. If you have any questions, or already know what you’re looking for, then either contact us today, or fill out a form and send it our way!


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    Eco-Friendly Cardboard Tube Manufacturers 

    One of our main focuses is retaining our eco-friendly status, we are cardboard tube manufacturers who ensure every aspect of our business has minimal effect on the environment. Every component is considered, from the manufacturing process to the cardboard tube materials. We are a chemically waste-free company due to our tube winding process not emitting any wastage. Our cardboard tubes are created from recycled materials and all elements are able to be recycled into three further cardboard tube products. All materials are considered, including the cardboard itself, the plastic plug ends and even the water-based glue used to bind the cardboard tubes together

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