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How do Anti Roll tubes work?

Fragile and easily breakable products are often at risk when travelling through the post from a business to their customers in a cylindrical tube. As these items are constantly being sold, they have to be delivered out safely somehow, but it can be really hard to know the best way to do so.

Our anti-roll tubes offer extra security for your extremely important products by using squared-off plastic end plugs, which block the products from rolling due to their feature of straight edges.

This prevents any disturbances to your items as they make their way through the post, allowing them to arrive at the recipient in an immaculate condition and exactly how they left the sender.

We offer anti-roll end caps in a variety of sizes for different cardboard tubes, including A1, A2, A3 and B1.

If you already have the cardboard tubes but wish to acquire the anti-roll ends, we will happily send the ends on their own (no minimum order) and they will simply replace your existing plastic end caps.

anti roll cardboard tube plug

Sustainable Anti Roll Tubes

As a completely environmentally friendly company, we strive to create all of our products to be eco friendly and created in the most sustainable way possible. Our anti-roll cardboard tubes also contribute to this as they are made using recyclable plastic and water-based glue.

Our anti-roll tube ends fit faultlessly into existing cardboard tubes of the same size, preventing the need to order new cardboard tubes for the end caps. These anti-roll tubes leave no harm to the environment and are still made to an exceptional standard like any of our other tubes, to guarantee that quality is never compromised and that all the requirements you have for your anti-roll tubes are met.

Flexible Company

We’re extremely flexible when it comes to customers’ needs with regard to quantity orders; our minimum and maximum for stock is determined by what customers require rather than being pre-set limits on either end.

With our next day delivery and bespoke services, you’ll never be without the items that are essential to every successful business.

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