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Durable White Tubes For Posting

Our white cardboard tubes can be made into a one-of-a-kind product with our own stock finishing papers in any colour you want. The paper is wrapped around the tube, which means your company logo will stand out and make it memorable for customers!

Cardboard tubes can be tailored by adding a spiral wound print, where the chosen colour and logo are applied to the tube during manufacturing.

The white cardboard tubes are of such high quality, they will maintain their look and stand the test of time.

You won’t have to compromise on your favourite colours, we will make sure you are satisfied with the quality of our custom cardboard tubes. It’s not just about looks and aesthetics – a white tube is still strong enough for any cardboard needs!

White Cardboard Tubes With Tailored Dimensions 

At Cardboard Tubes, we provide over 150 tube diameters ranging from our smallest size of 22mm through to our largest size of 656mm.

All of our diameters can be created with a minimum length of 38mm and a maximum length of 13000mm.

If you require a custom cardboard tube wall thickness, we have the ability to create thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 15mm.

No matter how specific the item you’re looking for, we can guarantee you will get exactly what you desire.¬†

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    No Minimum Or Maximum Order Quantity

    We don’t have a minimum or maximum order quantity, which means if you need to fulfil a specific quota, then we can provide cardboard tubes in the exact number.

    Utilising our white cardboard tubes will allow you to send your products in style, with the added convenience of a personalised touch. They’re designed with no room for movement so that they’ll always fit perfectly and be sure not to break or leak any contents inside!

    When you buy your cardboard tubes directly from us, there’s no need to worry about production time and delivery. Any of our stock products can be delivered the next day; any bespoke orders will take 3-5 days!

    You can feel confident that your order will be processed with the utmost care at our facility, as we have a direct line to answer any of your concerns regarding our cardboard tubes.

    Cardboard tube packaging is an ideal form of packaging for a range of goods including cosmetics, posters, clothing or gourmet food items, just to name a few.

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    Bespoke Cardboard Tubes

    Customisation of our cardboard tubes is an extremely popular choice with many of our clients. You can choose this feature to allow your order to become personalised and ensure we meet the requirements you may have for your packaging preferences.

    If you have your own business and deliver your products through cardboard packaging then the branding of your company is an essential element which should be on all of your products, this could be a simple as adding a logo, brand name or a coloured print design. Another reason is the personalisation of tubes, where some customers will use tubes to have their chosen design printed and use these for storage of their things, possibly with the addition of text to explain what the tubes will be stored inside. They are regularly customised for use in a range of arts and crafts projects, as they can be painted to the colour of your choice or have extra unique features added which could make your work stand out.

    We offer a range of other printed cardboard tubes which can be ordered in a colour of your choice, for example in black. These make a useful packaging source for any item you may want to send in the post, whether for business or personal use.

    How are cardboard tubes manufactured?

    Our tubes are made from wood pulp and are developed into a range of cardboards, like fibreboard. Soon turned into a spiral wound design and combined with adhesives to make them stronger, this creates the famous round shape we know best.

    They are then custom-designed to suit the requirements of the particular order, which is based on specific sizes and features like colours or print on top of the cardboard. We can manufacture our tubes to any specific thickness or strength.

    How eco-friendly are cardboard tubes?

    Not only do we produce eco-friendly cardboard tubes which can be recycled for further use, but our manufacturing process also produces no waste. Any excess cardboard waste is repulped and re-used in up to three further cardboard products.

    The tube winding process is also chemically waste-free, meaning as a company, we have extremely little impact on the environment, as eco-friendly as we could be!

    How can I bespoke my tubes?

    Our bespoke option of coloured postal tubes allows your company to adhere your packaging to any branding guidelines you have, our products can guarantee to suit your specific preference of personalised postage.

    This feature gives your business the opportunity to express itself through its marketing and customisation of packaging when sent out to your customers.

    What can cardboard tubes be used for?

    Cardboard Tubes can be used for a range of purposes including their main use – postal packaging for business or personal purposes.

    There are many other uses for our cardboard tubes, including packaging tubes, piling tubes, mailing tubes, postal tubes, firework mortar tubes, reel centre cores, display tubes, transportation, and much more!

    Further creative uses for your tubes include planting or gardening, organising messy wires, making a bird feeder and storing office supplies, just to name a handful of ideas.

    Talk to the experts today – for all of your tube needs.

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