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Are you looking for cardboard tubes in Shropshire? Cardboard Tubes comes second to none.

  • Stronger materials than the industry standard.
  • Eco-friendly, created from 100% recycled fibreboards.
  • Cardboard tubes excellent for crafting and packaging & display purposes.
  • Over 20 years’ experience within the industry.
  • Delivery within three days after purchase.

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Durable & Long Lasting Cardboard Tubes

If you’re looking for high quality cardboard tubes in Shropshire, then you’re in the right place, At Cardboard Tubes, we provide excellent solutions for clients who are either looking to buy a small or large quantity of cardboard tubes throughout Shropshire and the surrounding areas.

With no minimum order requirements, this means that you can walk away with the desired amount of cardboard tubes without the fear of having more than you need. With our highly customisable options, you are able to have your own brand printed, making them entirely bespoke to your organisation. Lastly, All of our cardboard tube solutions are offered at a competitive rate, giving you more of a reason to choose Cardboard Tubes as your first choice.

Areas We Cover

Not only do we supply the finest quality of cardboard tubes to Shropshire, but other counties such as Bedfordshire, Berkshire, Cheshire, Dorset, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, Norfolk, Suffolk, Surrey, Cumberland, Durham and Wiltshire.

If you are based in any of these locations and would like to enquire more about our products, please do not hesitate to get in touch. One of our highly knowledgeable and friendly team members will be more than happy to assist.

Display Cardboard Tube Design


We provide a wide range of different tubes that can be used for display purposes, to produce props on anything from film set designs to shop window displays. Our cardboard display tubes are incredibly versatile. So, versatile, they can take on any task given to them.

Piling Tubes on Grass


Fitting within our category of industrial tubes, our piling tubes are specially designed to be used in areas where ground heave is expected and have been given a slip coating. This coating will allow for the clay to move around the pile, which will reduce the stress that transfers through.

Postal Cardboard Tube


At Cardboard Tubes, we have a plethora of high-quality postal cardboard tubes for sale, which we manufacture in the UK. Created from fully recyclable materials, tough and sturdy mailing tubes will endure any shipping process and will keep the contents in the same condition.

Industrial Cardboard Tubes


Our industrial tubes are primarily used as cardboard cores for use as reel centres for materials such as paper, rubber, film and textiles. The large cardboard tubes are also used as recut centres, reprographic cores, tape and label cores and general-purpose cores and tubes.

Mortar Cardboard Tube


Each cardboard mortar tube is specially made, supplied and readily assembled with solid wood bungs. We also provide a range of candle pots, mine pots and Catherine wheel spindles. Our mortar tubes are manufactured to the highest standards to ensure safety and efficiency.

Why choose Cardboard Tubes as your first choice?

When it comes to choosing the right organisation for quality cardboard tubes in Durham, it is crucial that you pick the right people for the job. Our durable and sturdy cardboard tubes are made with a thicker, stronger material than the industry standard. This means they will be able to withstand much more pressure without breaking apart or bending down on themselves.

We provide fast delivery of cardboard tubes to Durham so your shipments will be on their way in a matter of days. We want to make sure your product arrives safely and in pristine condition, so we use durable cardboard tubes that can handle rough treatment on their way across the country.

If you’re shipping anything fragile and are still extra wary of potential damage, we offer our extra-thick cardboard tubes which can withstand all the knocks that might be encountered.

With perfectly fitting end caps, you can rest assured that your documents will be safe from the risks of bending or creasing when they’re being transported.

So, when looking for high quality cardboard tubes throughout Durham or in any of the surrounding areas, get in touch with the professionals today.

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