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Efficient Cardboard Tubes Cheshire

Our company is proud to make a selection of resistant products which are perfect for storage and posting mail. We will always ensure delivery of our cardboard tubes in Cheshire is as quick as possible, so you aren’t left waiting around for your order to arrive.

These cardboard tubes are designed to keep your items safe, as they are made to be extremely hard-wearing and withstand any disruptions. Our extra thick tubes are specifically made to protect any fragile or breakable items, guaranteeing they don’t have a wasted journey in the post to your customers.

We create our end caps for your tubes which always fit in place perfectly, stopping anything inside the tubes from moving about and resulting in great results.

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Ecological Cardboard Tubes

Our team are determined to contribute towards a healthier planet, by creating fully eco-friendly products. This includes the whole creation process of our tubes, where recycled materials are used to create them.

We ensure our cardboard tubes Cheshire are always made with natural resources and without chemicals. Plus any leftover cardboard is reused up to three times again by being re-pulped using machinery.

Tucked End Tubes

To further our efforts to be an eco-friendly company, we’re excited to announce that we’ve developed a completely plastic free alternative for our standard cardboard tubes without needing any end caps, our tucked end tubes.

Our tuck-end cardboard tubes in Cheshire are available in a variety of sizes and have an innovative design that makes it ideal for posters, prints or any other lightweight product. It uses excess tube length to provide the perfect seal when pinched together.

These eco-friendly tubes are perfect for companies that want to show customers how much they care about the environment. Not only is their packaging recyclable, but it’s also reusable!

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