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High-Quality Thick Cardboard Tubes

Our cardboard tubes are extremely durable and are manufactured from a thicker, stronger material than the industry standard. We can even create thicker cardboard tubes for bespoke orders, with a wall thickness of up to 15mm.

Our main aim is to ensure that the contents of your cardboard tubes are kept safe and secure, whether they are in storage or in the shipping process.

For additional support, we can add MDF disks in replacement to the plastic cardboard tube end caps, which are ideal if the thick cardboard tubes are being used as plinths for displays.

If you’re wary of shipping fragile items in cardboard tubes, we ensure that your products will be as safe as possible enclosed within our heavy-duty thick cardboard tubes.

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Bespoke Cardboard Tubes

In addition to creating cardboard tubes with bespoke thickness, we are able to create completely customised cardboard tubes with a variety of different elements.

Ideal for businesses, we can either wrap the tubes in our stock coloured papers or even print branded colours directly onto the tubes themselves! We can even print company logos or text onto your cardboard tubes.

Having branded cardboard tubes adds an advertising element to your packaging, especially if they’re reused, and also instantly emits a luxurious and professional company to the recipient.

An Eco-Friendly Company

We are a completely eco-friendly company and strive to be constantly improving our environmentally friendly status, which is why we have created a new product, our tucked-end cardboard tubes, a product which uses excess cardboard which is pinched together to create a partial seal.

Our tucked-end tubes are created from recycled cardboard and are completely recyclable too! They are the perfect way to help become plastic-free.

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