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Outstanding Red Cardboard Cardboard Tubes 

We provide the service of personalising your tubes and can offer red cardboard tubes complete with your choices of personalised features, like your brand’s logo or other elements. These tubes can be ordered in a range of sizes to fit your product perfectly. Our customised tubes are the best way to make your company stand out from the rest, with appealing packaging which attracts customers!

As our tubes are made using a spiral wound process we can add prints to your design that will adhere to your branding. We take pride in the fact that our tubes are extremely durable and will ensure your product withstands disturbances it may face when being sent through the post.

You are not restricted simply to just red coloured cardboard tubes, we have the ability to bespoke your tubes to any colour you’d like so you can choose your favourite. Cardboard Tubes ensures an outstanding service from start to finish when purchasing our products, if there are any enquiries about our products then will be on hand to help answer them.

Tailored Dimensions 

Cardboard Tubes has a wide selection of tube diameters, ranging from the size 22mm to 656mm. This includes our smallest and largest diameter tubes!

It’s not just our diameters that are versatile – we also make it easy to get the right length for your needs. You can choose between a minimum of 38mm and up to 13000mm, meaning you’ll always be able to find what best suits your application!

In our range of materials, you’ll find the perfect material thickness for your project. We have various cardboard tube wall thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 15 mm.

No matter how specific the item you’re looking, we can guarantee you will get exactly what you are looking for.

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    No Limit On Order Quantity

    We’re extremely flexible when it comes to customer’s needs with regard to quantity orders; our minimum and maximum for stock is determined by what customers require rather than being pre-set limits on either end.

    Send your products in style and with ease by utilising our red cardboard tubes. These will allow you to send your product without any trouble, while also giving it a personalised touch that makes the recipient feel valued!

    Our tubes make sure that the contents inside never leak or break! We design our tubes with no room for movement to ensure they fit perfectly and are durable.

    No more waiting for days to receive your cardboard tubes! With our next day delivery and bespoke services, you’ll never be without the items that are essential to every successful business.

    You can feel confident that your order will be processed with the utmost care at our facility as we have a direct line to answer any of your concerns.

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