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Outstanding Cardboard Products

Cardboard Tubes can create kraft tube packaging for your business, they are an outstanding option for product packaging which looks appealing and can be easily customised to suit branding guidelines.

These types of tubes are extremely strong and long-lasting and are designed to have a sturdy frame made out of kraft paper, this prevents any damage to your packaging when your product is being used for cardboard reasons.

Just like all our other tubes, kraft tubes are fully recyclable and also completely decompose within a very short amount of time – this is simply just a few weeks, the same as a leaf when it falls from a tree!

The Origins Of Kraft Paper

Kraft paper is a product of an invention by Carl Dahl which ages back to 1879. This invention is the ‘Kraft’ process of chemical pulping with ‘sulphate’ which was cheaper and more effective than the original version of pulping wood beforehand when manufacturing paper.

Using this process meant that there was an increase in the durability of the pulp and explains where the name ‘Kraft’ comes from, as it means ’strength’ in German.

This explains why this material is now used for packaging purposes due to its strength and practical features.

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    Durable Kraft Packaging Tubes

    Our eco-friendly shipping tubes are made with high-quality standards in mind.

    We make sure your products are well protected with our high-quality materials so that they can withstand the hazards of shipping or storage.

    Your package will be delivered to you in pristine condition. In order for your product inside the packaging to arrive without any damage, we use high-quality cardboard that is strong and sturdy so it can withstand impact from other products as well as any weather conditions on its way over here.

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