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Cardboard Tubes offer a diverse size range of cardboard concrete piling tubes. If you’re in a rush to complete your project, order concrete piling tubes here for a rapid delivery to your location.

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Cardboard Forms For Concrete

Cardboard Tubes have a diverse size range of cardboard tubes where you can take advantage of our rapid delivery system. All of our cardboard concrete forms are specially designed to be used in areas where ground heave is expected and have been given slip coating. This coating will allow for the clay to move around the pile, which will reduce the stress that usually transfers through the pile.

Differing from our signature postal tubes, the piling tube has been created in a way that it will maintain its circular form and smoothness after pouring, meaning that the mouth of the tube will need no extra support and will not expand. We strive for perfection with our services and will ensure that they will not disappoint. For more information on our cardboard concrete forms, get in touch with Cardboard Tubes today.

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Our Cardboard Concrete Form Size Ranges

Piling tubes are available from stock to suit 200mm, 250mm and 300mm bore, other sizes ranging from 34mm to 656mm internal diameter are available on a manufactured-to-order basis.

Pile caps can be supplied in sizes ranging from 200mm to 656mm internal diameter to extend piled foundations and also to create a foundation pad for lightweight garden buildings.

If you have a specific requirement for your concrete piling tubes, don’t hesitate to get in touch with Cardboard Tubes today, and we will be more than happy with any enquiry you may have. Cardboard Tubes strives to deliver high-quality services to all customers based throughout the UK.

On sloping uneven ground, tubes can be positioned before pouring concrete to ensure that a level base is created, Thus reducing the amount of excavation required and building times.

We also provide disposable un-lined column formers that are inexpensive, fast, lightweight and straightforward to erect. For more information about what we can offer you, contact us today through email or phone! We have the highest quality of cardboard concrete forms to date. Choose Cardboard Tubes as your first choice, and make an order today.

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Our delivery service

We provide a nationwide delivery service, and stock items like our UK form tubes can be delivered the next day. Non-Stock items require three to five working days to be manufactured and delivered. For cardboard concrete forms, choose Cardboard Tubes and buy online today!

Bespoke Options For Construction Tubes

As is the case with our other tubes, we offer a full bespoke service for printed cardboard tubes. With this we are able to provide customisable colours, branding and other graphics, transforming your cardboard tubes and making them very useful in a commercial setting.

If you are particularly conscious about the environment, we have our eco-friendly tubes as another option for customisation.

Talk to the experts today – for all of your tube needs.

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