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cardboard tubes used to wrap fabric around.

Cardboard Fabric Tubes In The Textile Industry

Cardboard fabric tubes, also known as textile tubes, are hollow tubes made from cardboard. They are a versatile and cost-effective solution and are used in many industries, including the textile industry, for purposes such as storage, shipping and manufacturing.

Cardboard fabric tubes are widely used in the textile industry for fabric storage. The fabric is rolled around the cardboard tube, which helps to keep it organized and prevents damage during storage.

Cardboard Tubes for Fabric Storage

The fabric rolls can be easily removed from the cardboard fabric tubes when needed for production. Additionally, the cardboard fabric tubes can be labelled with identifying information such as fabric type, colour, and batch number, making it easy to track inventory and locate specific rolls of fabric when needed.

The tubes are available in various lengths and diameters to accommodate different sizes of fabric rolls. Overall, cardboard fabric tubes provide a cost-effective and efficient solution for fabric storage in the textile industry.

Brown Stacked Cardboard Tubes

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    Tailored Dimensions 

    At Cardboard Tubes, we have access to over 150 tube diameters ranging from our smallest size of 22mm through to our largest size of 656mm. Our diameters can be created with a minimum length of 38mm and a maximum length of 13000mm.

    If you require a custom wall thickness, we have the ability to create thicknesses ranging from 1mm to 15mm.

    We offer custom cardboard fabric tubes that can be made into different lengths and diameters to accommodate various sizes of fabric rolls. For bespoke enquiries, fill out our cardboard tube enquiry form to the left.

    Cardboard tubes for rolling fabric

    Another use for cardboard fabric tubes is for rolling fabric into some types of textile machinery. For example, in weaving machines, the tubes are used like bobbins to hold the thread during the weaving process. Meanwhile, in spinning machines, the cardboard fabric tubes can act like a core in which the thread is wrapped to create finished products. They can also be used as a guide to feed the fabric through textile machines.

    Cardboard fabric tubes for shipping

    Fabric cardboard tubes are also commonly used in shipping within the textile industry. Cardboard tubes provide a sturdy container for fabric rolls during transportation when shipping. The textile fabric will be rolled around the cardboard fabric tube which helps to prevent wrinkles and creases. The tubes are available in different lengths and diameters to accommodate different sizes of fabric rolls.

    Environmental Friendly Fabric Tubes

    At cardboard tubes, we pride ourselves as a 100% eco-friendly company. Ensuring every element of our cardboard textile tubes has as little impact on the environment as possible.

    All materials we source and use for our cardboard fabric tubes have been previously recycled. Furthermore, after usage, our cardboard rolls for fabric can be further recycled, including the tube itself and the water-based glue used to bind the textile tubes together.

    No Minimum Or Maximum Order Quantity

    With our cardboard fabric tubes, we don’t have a minimum or maximum order quantity, meaning if you need to fulfil a specific quota, you’ll be able to order the exact number you need, as opposed to wholesalers’ quantity brackets.


    At Cardboard Tubes, we give our clients the freedom to customise their cardboard tubes however they want. Our customers can customise their bespoke cardboard fabric tubes in various colours, added with stock finishing papers around the outside.

    Furthermore, we can tailor your cardboard tubes with your chosen colour; text and/or logo will be applied to the cardboard tubes in manufacturing.

    Branding your cardboard tubes is ideal for companies sending their products to customers, creating a personal and professional feel to their products.


    Any of our stock products are able to be delivered the next day and any bespoke cardboard fabric tubes can be completed with a 3-5 day lead time.

    Any contents sent in our cardboard tubes will arrive in the exact same condition it was sent off in, protecting the products when either in storage or shipping.

    You will also be supplied with a direct line to us for any questions, queries and advice on your requirements.

    Talk to the experts today – for all of your tube needs.

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