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The Best Cardboard Postal Tube Packaging in the UK

Welcome to Cardboard Tubes, your go-to supplier for cardboard postal tubes, perfect for packaging, shipping, crafting, displaying and pretty much everything else you can think of. We understand the importance of sustainability, and because of this, we manufacture our postal packaging tubes from 100% recycled fibreboard, meaning that they can be recycled repeatedly. Cardboard Tubes has several industrial machines that can produce over 100 postal tube sizes, so you can get what you’re looking for. Ranging from 34mm all the way to 656mm, our postal packaging tubes are available at any length.

Earning a reputation as the leading cardboard packaging tube supplier in the UK, our mission is to identify newer audiences by innovating new products each and every year. From display and industrial-strength cardboard tubes to firework mortar tubes and cardboard concrete forms for construction purposes, we can provide you with a product that comes second to no other.

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Why Essex Tube Windings?


The company operates an internal quality assurance system approved by the British Standards Institute.


The Company runs a thorough H&S programme which in the last six years has helped us achieve zero days lost to injury in the workplace. Our staff are highly trained within the industry and have a wealth of experience.


As a leading cardboard tube manufacturer, our purpose is to ensure that we provide a rapid response service in the supply of quality cardboard tubes for customers. A major metal producer and processor is just one of many customers able to operate a successful just-in-time stocking policy through our ability to manufacture and deliver stocks within five days of the receipt of an order. On average, we achieve delivery within three days. In extreme stock out situations, we have manufactured and delivered a 40-foot container of tubes 200 miles away within 8 hours!

Our Quality Control

Our cardboard postal tubes are of the highest quality, offering all round protection for your products. Our tube packaging includes postal tubing options with increased thickness for extra security. In addition, our postal tube caps are designed specifically to ensure no movement inside the tube, providing exceptional fit and security for your items. Together, these carefully designed features provide extra peace of mind for when you send your most sensitive items.

Cardboard Postal Tube Sizes

Our cardboard postal tubes are available in a wide selection of postal tube sizes, ranging from A0 through to B2, giving you a comprehensive range of postal tubing to cover all your needs. Moreover, if you don’t see what you need, simply get in touch to see how we can supply you with just the right kind of tube packaging for your needs. NOTE: We produce cardboard tubes that fit Royal Mail sizing requirements.

What makes our cardboard tubes so special?

  • Manufactured from 100% recycled fibreboard
  • A choice of standard or high performance boards
  • Any wall thickness from 1mm to 15mm
  • Any length from 38mm to 13000mm
  • A choice of 154 diameters ranging from 22mm to 656mm
  • Deliveries available Nationwide
  • Competitive pricing

Bespoke Options Of Cardboard Tubes & Cores

We also offer a great range of printing solutions across our range of cardboard postal tubes, allowing you to tie in your packaging with your company’s unique branding. For example, imagine being able to send your customers their products with your own bespoke branding, which will lend your overall package a feeling of dedication and care. We always ensure our finishes on your tailor-made postal tubes are to the highest standards, so your custom postal tube is left with a tight, precision-made fit.

Additionally, you’ll enjoy being able to order as few or as many custom made postal tubes as you like, making it ideal for when you need to fulfil a specific quota, saving you money by ordering just the number you need. So whether you need to send off a large poster, blueprint plans for a new building, delicate artwork or anything else, we can offer you the best postal tube packaging solutions to ensure your important products arrive at their¬†destination with the same exceptional quality you sent them off with.

Bulk Cardboard Tubes

As the leading company for bulk cardboard tubes, we can supply our products in any size quantities to meet your specific needs. No order is too big or small, as we can provide orders of all sizes with no maximum or minimum order quantity.

Bulk buying cardboard tubes is a cost-effective way to reduce costs for your business – we can supply your company with a larger amount of tubes for less money! Our wholesale tubes also come with the service of customisation, we can colour the outside of the tubes using one of our stock colours to give your tubes a more custom branded look. Your company logo or text can be added too if required.

Cardboard Tube End Caps

Our cardboard tubes come equipped with end caps to ensure secure packaging for your documents. With one removable plug, inserting your documents is effortless, and once sealed, it prevents any risk of them falling out during shipping or transit.

Additionally, we offer eco-friendly tucked ends cardboard tubes as an alternative, providing protection without the need for plastic or separate caps.

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