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Customisable Cardboard Tubes

We can provide your company or business with printed cardboard tubes for use when packaging products for the post. All of our tubes can be personalised with a number of different elements, including your choice of a stock colour which can be wrapped around the tube.

Our team can also add a spiral wound print to your tubes, along with any text print and your logo whilst being manufacture. You can have as many of these features added as you’d like, your tubes are completely customisable for you!

The high quality of your cardboard tubes will never be effected once they’ve been personalised, all of the designs are resistant and long lasting after creation.

Some of our popular options include: black postal tubes which can make for a darker appearance or white cardboard tubes which is ideal for a ‘blank canvas’ effect.

A Range of Sizes for Everyone  

All of our cardboard tubes are available in a selection of sizes, so you are able to choose the product which suits your company and its needs. Our 150 different diameters, stretch from 22mm at the smallest, all the way to the largest of 656mm. In terms of length, our smallest size is 38mm and the maximum sizes length you can choose is 1300mm.

No matter which type of printed cardboard tubes you require, we can ensure you receive exactly what you ordered, whether this be bigger sizes tubes or small cardboard tubes for postal purposes. This doesn’t just go for length, you can easily get small or large diameter cardboard tubes, black tubes, white tubes, without any stress or problems.

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    No Minimum Or Maximum Order Quantity

    With our bespoke cardboard tubes, we don’t have a minimum or maximum order quantity, meaning if you need to fulfil a specific quota, you’ll be able to order the exact number of bespoke cardboard tubes, opposed to wholesalers quantity brackets. Our branded custom cardboard tubes are ideal for companies sending their products to customers, creating a personal and professional feel to their products.

    Our printed cardboard tubes are created to the highest quality, creating the perfect fit for your products with no room for movement. Any contents sent in our cardboard tubes will arrive in the exact same condition it was sent off in, protecting the products when either in storage or shipping.

    By purchasing directly from the manufactures you are automatically accessing incredibly fast production and delivery, with any of our stock products able to be delivered the next day and any bespoke cardboard tubes can be completed with a 3-5 day lead time. You are also supplied with a direct line to us for any questions, queries and advice on your bespoke cardboard tubes.

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