Extra width for extra protection

We understand that when you have especially fragile or high-value items to ship, you want to give them that little bit more protection to make sure they arrive intact. For just that reason, we can manufacture our mailing tubes with a full range of wall thicknesses ranging from lightweight to extra-strength; giving your customers that extra reassurance that their order will be safe in transit.
It is important to balance protection against ease of use, weight and shipping costs, so for advice on the best cardboard tube thickness for your particular requirements, contact our specialist team.

End closures

The majority of customers choose to purchase high-quality plastic caps for their cardboard mailing tubes. These end caps are easy to use, make it as simple as possible for your client to get to their product when it arrives, and are available in a wide variety of colours to match your bespoke mailing tubes. Other options for sealing the end of your cardboard mailing tubes are available, though, including tucked ends, stapling of one end of the tube and also MDF disks. You can discuss your options with our expert team if you are unsure about which type of end closure is best suited to your products.