Precision matters

When you’re purchasing cardboard cores, getting the dimensions spot-on is vital to ensure these cylindrical paper products match your unique requirements and applications. This means paying attention to the thickness, diameter, and length of the cores. You’ll be happy to discover that the machines we use to cut and make cardboard cores offer exacting precision with extensive manufacturing capabilities. We can easily cover over 100 tube diameters ranging from 34mm to 656mm, in any length.

Sustainable products

Although plastic cores are readily available, the benefit of choosing cardboard cores is that you’re making an environmentally friendly decision. Our cardboard tube cores are made from 100% recycled fibreboard and are totally recyclable, making them a truly ‘green’ choice.

Quality guaranteed

When you’re searching for cardboard core manufacturers, it stands to reason you’ll want to find a business that offers excellent quality products. After all, what use is a cardboard core made from flimsy materials that aren’t up to the task of what they’re intended for?

You’ll be pleased to discover that quality is inherent in our business. We manufacture cardboard cores made from standard or high-performance fibreboard. If strength, durability, and reliability are top of your agenda, our cardboard tube cores excel.


Choosing cardboard for your cores is wise if making cost-effective decisions is your priority. As a leading supplier of cardboard cores, you’ll find our prices incredibly competitive. Even if you need to order a batch of products at the last minute, you won’t be charged a premium for this privilege.